Brewer Consultants International (BCI) is a hospital and healthcare services management firm. All of our senior executives have decades of healthcare experience including CEO, COO and CFO assignments across the spectrum of healthcare service providers. Our leaders have deep experience in building and operating thriving healthcare organizations.

We do not define ourselves as professional consultants: Instead, we are experienced healthcare operators who also have a strong consulting skill set. Having led and managed the successful turnaround of dozens of organizations in financial difficulty, we quickly pinpoint and prioritize key issues and know how to lead the organization and its stakeholders to the right solution. We are excellent communicators, and our transparent and fair approach is recognized by both the organizations we represent, and those on the other side of the table. We are committed to the provision of quality healthcare services at every provider organization in which we have a management role.

Brewer Consultants International (BCI)’ senior management team has deep experience in taking necessary decisive action in crisis or turnaround situations. The combination of our collective knowledge and experience gives Brewer Consultants International (BCI) a unique perspective and all the tools necessary to handle whatever crisis a healthcare provider organization faces. This type of skill is not usually found in the permanent leadership team.

Brewer Consultants International (BCI) provides Restructuring Management, Hospital Contract Management and Interim or Crisis Management services. All of our senior executives have decades of healthcare experience, including CEO, COO and CFO assignments across the spectrum of health services. Examples of specific assignments include serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the following types of healthcare organizations:

  • Religiously-affiliated or -sponsored multihospital systems
  • Free-standing not-for-profit and government-owned community hospitals
  • University and major teaching hospitals
  • Single-site and multi-hospital regional operations with investor-owned hospital management companies
  • New general acute care hospitals, free-standing heart and cancer hospitals, continuing care retirement communities, and many other related facilities—including de novo start-up planning, construction, and operation
  • Hospitals that are in bankruptcy or for sale
  • Financially distressed skilled nursing facilities Home health, hospice, and physician practices

Our executive management assignments usually involve a minimum of two positions: Chief Executive Officer / Chief Restructuring Officer, and Chief Financial Officer. We are able to provide a full leadership team at the client’s request, however in many situations the turnaround is most successful by identifying existing internal talent and leading the organization through the turnaround process.

We have an extensive list of case studies that describe our approach and results.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to know more about Brewer Consultants International (BCI) .